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CB_BG This Section :  Forest Branch Newsletters (1935 to 1955)

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Accession:  2003.70.13
Description  A note on using fusees (road flares) for starting railway speeders in winter, and an account of a climb on Mt. Waddington. January 30, 1937.
Size:  329 KB
Accession:  2003.70.14
Description  An article on the status of the forest fire season, how to build your own 'pick-up' truck tool box, and a request for photos of huge trees. A note on the Young Men's Forestry Training plan and a biography of Jack (H.J.) Coles.
Size:  1,314 KB
Accession:  2003.70.15
Description  A biography of Alexander Hunter and a note on the installation of radios in lookout towers. August 30, 1937.
Size:  264 KB
Accession:  2003.70.16
Description  A report on the used of radios in the forest service. October 18, 1937.
Size:  318 KB
Accession:  2003.70.17
Description  A report on forest fire statistics, causes, and costs in B.C. December 17, 1937.
Size:  181 KB
Accession:  2003.70.18
Description  An article about a District inspection by E.E. Gregg and an article about rat-proofing Forest Branch caches. July 5, 1938.
Size:  187 KB
Accession:  2003.70.19
Description  Poem written by C.D. Orchard. February 3, 1939
Size:  360 KB
Accession:  2003.70.20
Description  A reminiscence on work attitudes and a report on the collection of insects for surveys. May 1, 1939.
Size:  1,727 KB
Accession:  2003.70.21
Description  An article regarding a boat manufactured in Prince George for the Forest District, statistics showing forest fires to date, statistics and update on the Forest Branch reforestation project, an article regarding a forest fire in Australia. July 1, 1939.
Size:  881 KB
Accession:  2003.70.23
Description  Information on new uniforms for the forest service with a satirical cartoon. September 1, 1939.
Size:  528 KB
Accession:  2003.70.24
Description  A poem and article about forest service employees going off to war. November 10, 1939.
Size:  565 KB
Accession:  2003.70.25
Description  An update on people from the forest service enlisted in the war. September 26, 1940.
Size:  677 KB
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