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CB_BG This Section :  Forest Branch Newsletters (1935 to 1955)

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Accession:  2003.70.1
Description  The Chief Forester's office compiled some statistics on forest fires for Canada, May 27, 1935.
Size:  181 KB
Accession:  2003.70.2
Description  The sense of humour of the foresters is conveyed in an article and reminiscences about a brush burning fine, July 12, 1935.
Size:  311 KB
Accession:  2003.70.3
Description  An article on advertising for fire protection week in local newpapers, an article on the placement of forest service road signs, and a poem about becoming a Ranger, by Bert Leboe. Progress on young men's forestry training plan.
Size:  1,383 KB
Accession:  2003.70.4
Description  Statistics on forest fires between 1931 and 1935, showing number of fires and costs by Forest District. September 20, 1935.
Size:  128 KB
Accession:  2003.70.5
Description  A story called "The Home Life of a Fish" and reminiscences of a forest ranger. November 15, 1935.
Size:  211 KB
Accession:  2003.70.6
Description  A humorous photo of District Foresters, forest fire statistics, and an anecdote about Rusty Campbell. December 25, 1935.
Size:  662 KB
Accession:  2003.70.7
Description  A list of promotions and transfers, a notice on new equipment, and fire hazard statistics (1924-1934). February 21, 1936.
Size:  637 KB
Accession:  2003.70.8
Description  An update on the Young Men's Forestry Training plan, a list of appointments to ranger stations, a note on increasing timber sales, two poems, and an article on the Young Ranger Band. June 5, 1936.
Size:  1,759 KB
Accession:  2003.70.9
Description  An update on B.C. forest fires and information on Fire Days, a memo on stacking logs according to length, a poem, photo of Rangers, report on radio experiments in Fort George area, and note on the 'Wonder' pump. July 30, 1936.
Size:  2,461 KB
Accession:  2003.70.10
Description  Article on a parade in Prince George and a note about a Ranger taking a radio to a school to show the kids. September 15, 1936.
Size:  185 KB
Accession:  2003.70.11
Description  A report on a trip to the east coast, a biography of George Auld Forbes, statistics on forest service vehicles, account of a 3000 mile trip around B.C., an article on selective logging, reassignments, and marriage notices. November 2, 1936.
Size:  2,860 KB
Accession:  2003.70.12
Description  A note on amendments to the Forest Act, reassignments in forest branch, and timber sales records for 1934-1936. December 10, 1936.
Size:  712 KB
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