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CB_BG This Section :  L.C. Gunn Journals and Correspondence

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Accession:  A985.9.71
Description  Letter to L.C. Gunn ordering a start to surveying south of Fort George to Lillooet, July 9, 1910.
Date : 1910
Size:  1,089 KB
Accession:  A985.9.72
Description  Letter to L.C. Gunn from Division Engineer, placing a hold on Willow and Bear creek routes until Fraser line completed, September 3, 1910.
Date : September 3, 1910
Size:  313 KB
Accession:  A985.9.143
Description  Receipt from wholesale grocer Kelly Douglas and Co. in Vancouver, April 16, 1913.
Size:  475 KB
Accession:  A985.9.158
Description  Receipt from a general merchandise store, McDonald and McGillivary, Ltd. (no date).
Size:  233 KB
Accession:  A985.9.159
Description  Receipt from a general merchandise store, John A, Fraser & Co., June 16, 1913.
Size:  263 KB
Accession:  A985.9.172
Description  An excerpt from a book on 'Instructions on how to write maps' (2 pages).
Size:  830 KB
Accession:  A985.9.220
Description  Receipt of goods obtained for the survey crew from the Hudson's Bay Company store, June, 1914.
Size:  561 KB
Accession:  A985.9.224
Description  Correspondence school tuition credit for David Porter and on the back is a course listing of American School of Correspondence, May 18, 1914.
Size:  949 KB
Accession:  A985.9.225
Description  Telegraph to L.C. Gunn from Mrs. McNaughton regarding rent of Quesnel ranch, April 13, 1914.
Size:  238 KB
Accession:  A985.9.260
Description  Receipt for goods used on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway from tent maker Edward Lipsett, December 20, 1905.
Size:  608 KB
Accession:  A985.9.261
Description  Receipt for goods for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway from hardware store McLennan and McFeely and Co, December 30, 1905.
Size:  483 KB
Accession:  A985.9.82
Description  Receipt for goods purchased at the Hudson's Bay Company in Fort George, June 30, 1910.
Date : May 8, 1912
Size:  374 KB
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