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Accession:  A982.33.1.1
Description  Forwards, Preface, and Table of Contents.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,009 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.2
Description  Chapter One. Before the Age of Man. Looks at the geological formation and geography of the region.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,388 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.3
Description  Chapter Two. The First Inhabitants. Provides an outline of the early history of First Nations people in the Prince George area
Date : 2004
Size:  1,502 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.4
Description  Chapter Three. Sir Alexander MacKenzie. A summary of the first European exploration of the area by Sir Alexander MacKenzie in 1793.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,564 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.5
Description  Chapter Four. The Northwest Fur Trading Company. Looks at the early foundations of the fur trade in the area and the formation of New Caledonia by Simon Fraser in 1806.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,847 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.6
Description  Chapter Five. The Hudson's Bay Company. Takes control of the fur trade in the region in 1821.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,696 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.7
Description  Chapter Six. When Fur Was King. A brief history of the fur trade at it's peak.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,337 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.8
Description  Chapter Seven. The Golden Cariboo. The discovery of gold near Barkerville brought many people into the region during the 1860s.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,991 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.9
Description  Chapter Eight. The Telegraph Trail. The construction of a telegraph line by Western Union was an attempt to provide communication to Europe and Asia.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,448 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.10
Description  Chapter Nine. The Canadian Pacific Railway. The joining of Canada led to the construction of the transcontinental railway completed in 1885.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,692 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.11
Description  Chapter Ten. Roman Catholic Missions. History of the Catholic Church in the region.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,350 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.12
Description  Chapter Eleven. The Story of a Wedding. Describes the first Protestant service conducted in Prince George.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,627 KB
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