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CB_BG This Section :  Greater Prince George Area and Regional Maps

Click on one of the small images to the right to see it full size along with more details.

Accession:  A982.52.1.1
Description  Department of Lands and Forests, British Columbia, Map of Province showing Mean Annual Precipitation. Scale: 1 to 2,000,000. 1923.
Size:  2,249 KB
Accession:  A983.6.1
Description  Drawings of the paddlewheeler Moyie that operated on Kootanay Lake by A.W.B. Prowse. February 1961.
Size:  1,460 KB
Accession:  A983.12.1
Description  Fort George region Pre-emptor Map showing Upper Fraser Valley. 3 miles to 1 inch. 1915.
Size:  2,061 KB
Accession:  A985.37.1
Description  Canadian National Railway. Engineering Plans for Prince George Roundhouse. October 1, 1956.
Size:  2,514 KB
Accession:  A985.50.1A
Description  Dominion of Canada Map of British Columbia 1874, one of the first maps of B.C. after it became a province. Scale: 45 miles to 1 inch. 1874.
Size:  957 KB
Accession:  A986.18.6A
Description  Original Survey of West Central B.C. by F.C. Swannell.
Size:  1,791 KB
Accession:  A980.11.2
Description  The Rocky Mountain Trench Showing Some Trapping Limits. Scale: 8 miles to 1 inch Drawn by R.E. Sewell, Prince George. 1949.
Size:  1,565 KB
Accession:  A985.9.10
Description  Mannix Construction Ltd. Nechaco Damsite (Kenny Dam) Detail Camp Plan. Scale: Undetermined. January 5, 1952.
Date : 1952
Size:  2,151 KB
Accession:  A985.9.7
Description  Exploration Survey of the Finlay River by A.W. Harvey B.C.L.S. Scale: 2 miles to 1 inch. Undetermined date.
Date : 1915
Size:  2,636 KB
Accession:  A985.9.33
Description  Governmet of British Columbia. Early lot map showing Government Reserve lands. Scale unknown. Undetermined date (early 1900s).
Date : 1985
Size:  1,513 KB
Accession:  A985.9.14
Description  Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company. Engineering plan of portion of track from Prince George to Fraser Lake. Scale: unknown. 1913.
Date : 1985
Size:  2,011 KB
Accession:  A985.9.15
Description  Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Engineering map of the Cottonwood section of the railway from Quesnel to Prince George. Map drawn by L.C. Gunn. Scale unknown. circa 1914.
Date : 1985
Size:  8,909 KB
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