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CB_BG This Section :  Prince George - City Maps

Click on one of the small images to the right to see it full size along with more details.

Accession:  A980.4.1A
Description  District Lot Map of Prince George. Scale: 1:20,000 1970s.
Size:  1,634 KB
Accession:  A981.4.2A
Description  School District 57 Map Showing Schools in Prince George, 1970. (Front side).
Size:  562 KB
Accession:  A989.3.1.1
Description  (Part 1) Chas E. Goad Co. Map of Prince George, including Fort George and South Fort George showing lots. Scale: 800 feet to 1 inch. May 1915.
Date : 1915
Size:  888 KB
Accession:  A990.15.3
Description  Province of British Columbia Department of Lands. Pre-emptors Map Fort George Sheet. Scale: 3 miles to 1 inch. 1923.
Date : 1923
Size:  1,940 KB
Accession:  A982.47.1
Description  City of Prince George: Government Owned Lots.
Size:  1,611 KB
Accession:  A981.36.1
Description  City Plan map of Prince George downtown area, showing old street names. Possibly from mid to late 1940s.
Size:  1,683 KB
Accession:  A981.36.12
Description  City of Prince George : City planning map with early street names.
Size:  1,311 KB
Accession:  A981.36.14
Description  City of Prince George : Bus tour route. 1969.
Size:  967 KB
Accession:  A981.53.11
Description  Drawings for proposed addition of a 'Pub' to the Europe Hotel on 3rd Ave. in Prince George. Drawn by Frederick Fuller, April 6, 1960.
Size:  528 KB
Accession:  A981.53.10
Description  Building plan for a proposed addition to the Europe Hotel on 3rd Ave. in Prince George. The architect is William K. Noppe, April 6, 1960.
Size:  1,795 KB
Accession:  A981.4.1
Description  Map showing the topography of the incorporated area of Prince George.
Size:  1,289 KB
Accession:  A980.9.2
Description  City of Prince George : Revised street names and numbers, address map only.
Size:  1,799 KB
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