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Northwood Documents

Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited was formed in 1964 by Noranda Corporation through the purchase of sawmills and the construction of a large pulpmill. It was the world's largest producer of softwood dimensional lumber and Kraft pulp. The sawmills supplied the pulpmill with fibre from sawmill waste and pulpwood operations. The Northwood Documents collection provides a look at the early development of the company's woodlands and sawmill operations during the 1960s and 1970s.

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Annual Reports - These provide a summary of the activities of the logging operations and sawmills, during the 1960s and early 1970s. These reports give a sense of changes and development in the forest industry, during that time.

Working Plans - Working Plans outline the areas and volumes that will be harvested, the production capacity to mill lumber, new development that the company will undertake in the coming year, and fire protection plans.

Forest Management Applications - These are the formal applications to the government for the use of Crown Land to harvest timber resources from an area. They provide the details of the areas and volumes of timber to be harvested.

Timber Sales - Timber Sales provide the raw data and information recorded on the areas of forest that were logged and an insight to the technical side of resource management. Timber Sale files contain the legal resource rights for each parcel of land the timber company harvested. The files contain correspondence regarding the sale, the Notice of Auction, the Tender for Crown Timber, and a copy of the logging plan map.

Silviculture - These files show how the forest was replanted and cared for after the initial logging was completed. They also outline some of the problems with insects damaging the forests.

Forest Fire Protection - Forest fires are the greatest threat to forest management. The companies had comprehensive plans for dealing with and preventing forest fires. As well, there were Government publications to assist forest companies develop their plans.

Legal Hearings - These were public commissions to facilitate the acquisition of Crown Timber resources for Northwood¿s forestry operations. Due to their length a complete version of one of these documents is provided. Only the front pages of the other hearings are provided online.

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