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Prince George Maps

The Prince George Map collection displays the growth of the city from the "boosterizim" of the early 1900s to the major land amalgamations of the 1970s that expanded the city boundary. The maps outline the three rival towns of Central Fort George, South Fort George, and Prince George. Many of the maps show early plans for the development of the city, some of which never materialized, and the rapid growth during the 1960s and 1970s. Others show the establishment, and disappearance, of smaller communities in the surrounding area.

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South Fort George - The townsite of South Fort George was founded in 1906 when A.G. Hamilton, Joseph Thapage, and Pierre Rois, purchased land south of the Hudson's Bay trading post. Located next to the Fraser River, it became the landing site for the paddlewheelers traveling up from Soda Creek, bringing people and supplies to the area. Although many of the buildings have changed since 1906, the layout of the streets in South Fort George is similar. The town site has not grown in size since the early years and resisted becoming part of Prince George until 1974.

Central Fort George - Fort George was established in 1909 by George Hammond as a strategic land purchase during the railway ┐boosterizim┐ period that occurred with the construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Hammond promoted his town site as the centre that would benefit from being located on the railway. In 1911, he purchased the adjacent area to the south and called both parcels of land, Central Fort George.

Prince George - City Maps - The Prince George city maps, from early development in 1914 to the 1970s, include Government sales of lots in 1913 and insurance maps showing the location of buildings in 1915, 1922, and 1966. There are also topographic survey maps of the town site, as well as maps of the airport and military base in 1945.

Greater Prince George Area and Regional Maps - During the start of the 1900s Father A.G. Morice and land surveyors working in the area, made some of the earliest maps of the region. Later maps were made by the land speculators trying to attract people to the area. They would often highlight `potential┐ developments that were sure to follow the completion of the railway, in 1914. By the late 1960s, the maps show the remarkable growth of the city as a result of the construction of the pulpmills.

Photographic History of Prince George
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