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CB_BG This Section :  Silviculture

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Accession:  A994.
Description  Summary of volumes for selected areas in the Upper Fraser, 1969 - 1970.
Date : 1970
Size:  484 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Table showing cruise plot data.
Size:  981 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Table showing a summary of timber volumes in TFL 28, 29, 30, and 31. Date unavailable.
Size:  602 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Table and diagram showing basal area to volume relationships. Date unavailable.
Size:  488 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Sinclair Spruce Lumber Company Ltd., Timber Cruise of Cutting Permit No. 201, Timber Supply Harvest Licence A01846. October 1970
Size:  1,893 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Table showing Summary of British Columbia Forest Service Growth Factors from Close utilization. Zone 4, Willow River PWC, Purden SYU, and Crooked River PWC. Date undetermined.
Size:  348 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Prince George Forest District Spruce Beetle Report. 1964. (Part 2 of 2).
Date : 1962-1964
Size:  10,485 KB
Accession:  A994.
Description  Documentation of the procedures for broadcast burning of slash brush. 1968. (Part 2 of 2).
Date : 1967-1970
Size:  6,058 KB
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