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Accession:  A982.33.1.13
Description  Chapter Twelve. The Coming of the Railway. The Grand Trunck Pacific Railway is completed on April 17, 1914 near Fort Fraser.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,029 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.14
Description  Chapter Thirteen. Fort George Wakes Up. The early formation of the communities during the contruction of the railway.
Date : 2004
Size:  3,343 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.15
Description  Chapter Fourteen. South Fort George. This town was built up near the original Hudson's Bay trading post.
Date : 2004
Size:  3,344 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.16
Description  Chapter Fifteen. Central Fort George. Speculation on the location of the railway led to the development of this townsite.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,807 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.17
Description  Chapter Sixteen. The Romance of Real Estate. The 'Boosterizim' period advertized Central and South Fort George as the place to be.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,172 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.18
Description  Chapter Seventeen. 1913 - A Hectic Year. South Fort George and Central Fort George grow rapidly from the railway construction.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,785 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.19
Description  Chapter Eighteen. 1914 - A Year of Changes. The city of Prince George looks to become incorporated as it becomes the main townsite.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,574 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.20
Description  Chapter Nineteen. Community Life. Hospitals and schools are built, and the first automobiles arrive.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,151 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.21
Description  Chapter Twenty. Municipal Government Organized. The City of Prince George is granted incorporation on March 6, 1915.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,950 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.22
Description  Chapter Twenty-One. Prince George Grows Up. Between 1915 and 1945, Prince George gradually becomes the economic centre of Northern British Columbia.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,537 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.23
Description  Chapter Twenty-Two. Industries. Abundant timber resources has made Forestry the dominant industry in the region.
Date : 2004
Size:  1,141 KB
Accession:  A982.33.1.24
Description  Chapter Twenty-Three. Transportation. The movement of people and goods to Prince George was critical in its development.
Date : 2004
Size:  2,755 KB
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